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The winter blanket?

The blankets protect your swimming pool from external pollution and the spreading of gas during the winter.

Longer lasting…?
By acquiring a blanket, you not only protect the surface of the water, but you also reduce the amount of times needed to clean as well as accumulating and preserving the heat of the water avoiding evaporation.

The summer blanket
?The bubble blanket itself limits evaporation and water pollution, and it comes with a roller making it easy to handle.

The bar blanket

A summer/winter blanket whose anodyne aluminium bars rest at one end on the pool edges and are protected by a chock. There is a handle to roll up the blanket and a belt is used for unrolling.

Low cover

This is an extremely discreet option, from only 0.89m to 1.055m on the pool terrace so that it is completely harmonious with your garden.

It is available in three models:
“Benjamine” for Asl pools up to 7x3.5m
“America” for pools up to 8x4m, and
“Prestige” for pools up to 10x5m.

Medium height covers

The Desjoyaux “Swimming pool” cover gives maximum comfort and lengthens the amount of time you can swim. The reduced height design makes it more discreet over the pool. It is available in two models: “America” ” for pools up to 8x4m, and “Prestige” for pools up to 10x5m.

High “Residential” cover

With the Desyoyaux “Residential” cover you can take advantage not only of the heat of the water but also that of the air, whatever the season.

The Jd Clean

This mobile automotive apparatus is independent from the pool filtration circuit and operates via a 12 volt electronic motor which is permanently connected to the electric block with a flexible cable. It cleans the pool stairs and walls as well as the water thanks to its foam or plastic tongues.

The Jd Sel Sea

With slightly salted water (4g per litre), the electrolyser can make Sodium Hyoichlo which disinfects the water in the swimming pool. The Jd Sel Sea 60 (for pool areas up to 60m3) and the Jd Sel Sea 100 (for pool areas less than or the same as 100m3) only need to be adjusted at the beginning of the season, correct functioning depends on the ph level of the water, between 7 and 7.2.

Swimming against the current?
This adapts to all filter systems in the range (except the filter on P11) and means that you can benefit from hydrotherapy as well as swim.

The “blower”?
This option fits the filtering stairs in the filter range: the Roman tonic stairs, the Roman filtering stairs or the Quiberon stairs.?These stairs then become hydro-massage baths for you to enjoy.

Heat pumps

This is a real investment right at the beginning, giving minimum usage costs.
Installing a heat pump is a true guarantee for results in comfort and well-being, it is based on reliable technology which is also economical and respects the environment.

Heat exchangers

This is a solution where the consumption varies depending on the power for heating in your region. This option cannot be chosen in all cases; only if your oil or gas boiler is potent enough and not far from the swimming pool.
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