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Family a Gas

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Family a Gas

Family 60 GAS
Family 80 GAS
Family 100 GAS

Painted oven
power supply: gas with burner, adjustment knob and power button
type of cooking: direct (single combustion and cooking chamber)
cooking chamber: food grade refractory base and 430 stainless steel dome
Cooking chamber dimensions available: 60x60 a burner (2 pizzas) - 80x60 a burner  (4 pizzas) - 100x80 two burners (5 pizzas)
Grill cooking: optional with Multicooking accessory
The Clementi direct cooking ovens perfectly combine the TRADITION of wood-fired ovens of the past with the INNOVATION designed for functional, simple and rapid use.
The extremely fast heating times (approximately 30 minutes) and the practicality of the gas supply make them ideal products even in cases where there is no possibility to manage a wood storage. The Pulcinella ovens are suitable for all cooking enthusiasts, both experts and first experience, and allow you to cook with a similar ease both a romantic dinner and the menu of the holidays, to spend happy and unforgettable moments with friends.

You can call us at tel. 977 737 606, contact us or come see us. We will attend you

Comercial Esteller SL
Ctra. N-340 Barcelona - València - km. 1.061,5 43530 Alcanar Tarragona (Spain)
Tel. 977 737 606

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